Treasury - Keeping You Informed

Bangkok Bank has earned the reputation as a trusted partner committed to outstanding market performance. With trade activities centred on Ringgit Malaysia and participation in both the primary and secondary markets for bonds and corporate debentures, our commitment to your needs is paramount.

Foreign Exchange

As a leading commercial bank, Bangkok Bank provides foreign exchange trading services in all major currencies as well as in a number of regional currencies. We offer competitive prices for all the currencies we trade.

We also assist companies by offering hedging instruments to manage foreign exchange risk exposures. Our corporate dealers will keep you abreast of any significant movements as well as changing market trends in the world's currencies.

Risk Management

Bangkok Bank offers a variety of risk management products to help companies manage foreign exchange and interest rate exposure. Before making any recommendation, we assess our customers' needs in order to give the best advice about the most appropriate products such as US dollar/Ringgit Malaysia Cross Currency and Interest Rate Swaps.

Bond Market

The current environment of high liquidity and low interest rates is generating strong demand from buyers in the local bond market. Corporations are taking advantage of this and raising funds directly from the market. At the same time, the government has a strong demand for borrowing and is issuing a large number of debt instruments. Bangkok Bank is matching buyers to sellers by actively participating in both the primary and the secondary markets for government bonds, corporate debentures and guaranteed and non-guaranteed state enterprise bonds.

Building Networks throughout the Region

Bangkok Bank was the first bank in Thailand to open an overseas branch, in Hong Kong, June 1954. In the subsequent 40 years Bangkok Bank has built up an extensive network of contacts in the Asia Pacific region. The Bank now hasĀ 19 overseas branches and two representative offices.