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Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing (IVF) allows the customer to finance their sales and purchases of goods and services with a fixed maturity date. Domestic and foreign trade of goods and services can be financed under IVF. Upon maturity, the customer will repay the bank the principal amount together with the financing interest. However, the customer has the flexibility and option to repay the whole loan or settle partially during the financing period, even before maturity date.


  • Financing can be either in Ringgit (“RM”) or foreign currency (“FCY”).
  • Financing rate is based on Effective Cost of Funds (ECOF - RM or FCY) plus Customer’s spread.
  • The maximum period of financing must not exceed the approved financing tenure subject to maximum period of 365 days. No minimum period of financing.
  • The amount of financing shall be up to 100% of the invoice value with no minimum amount of financing.
  • Bundling of invoices is allowed. However, minimum amount per invoice is RM1,000.00.